Assisted Living Facility Near Bountiful

You need not fear the day when you need a little help with bathing, dressing or other activities of daily living. At Oak Ridge Assisted Living of Centerville, our caring staff provides the light support you need while at the same time encouraging you to do as much as you can for yourself to maintain your independence. We serve the entire area north of Salt Lake City, including Bountiful.

Bountiful Elders Love Our Assisted Living Community

We encourage you to come in to visit Oak Ridge Assisted Living to see for yourself how our residents live. Our elderly care home is a Level One facility, and that means our residents all have a high level of independence. They’re mobile and enjoy taking part in many activities at our home or on scheduled trips. Our residents enjoy getting their hair and nails done, watching movies, listening to live music, dancing, doing arts and crafts, playing games and so much more.

You’ll see that our senior assisted living community for Bountiful residents is nothing like a nursing home. Each resident has their own quarters with a private bath. You can even take your belongings from home with you to make your space here feel more familiar and comfortable.

The Safety & Security of Assisted Living

We want our residents to maintain their own personal routines as much as possible — what is different about living in an assisted living facility is that our staff is here to keep you safe 24/7.

At our Level One facility, some of our residents need help bathing, dressing or remembering to take meds. Some residents just need minor supervision while others need more intervention. Rest assured, our caring and attentive staff is here to help you, but also to foster your independence. The more independence you have, the more control you have over your life and the happier you are.

As much as your relatives wish they could be present to help you and check on you more often, the truth is that sometimes they are simply too far away. Our residents enjoy greater peace of mind here at our assisted living home, because they know if they fall or feel sick, someone is always right here to help them.

Oak Ridge Assisted Living, Serving Bountiful

If you live in the Bountiful area, Oak Ridge Assisted Living might be just the right place for you. We think you will get used to having gourmet meals prepared for you daily as well as laundry service and entertainment. Additionally, our community serves as a built-in social network for our residents. You’ll feel safe and cared for at Oak Ridge. Call us today to set up a visit.

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